Store expansion, and moving!

Posted by Robert Dunphy on

Hello everyone, it's July 2nd, and the weather in Ireland is hot and sticky. Swimming pool weather if you can. 

But you came here to see the news, the Euro Hakshop is expanding in the near future. As we move to a bigger premises we are going to be expanding our range to see what else people in Europe want.

So to answer the obvious question, the Turtle. Yes will we have it. When though is not information I can share with you just yet. Suffice to say, "in the future".

Yagi antennas, Alfa dongles, RTL SDRs, and one or two other things.

So hope you all have a great summer whatever you are up to, and next time you hear from me on here, we'll be in the new premises. I may put up a photo of the office too.



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